I love this little phrase that my teacher Tara Brach repeats in class (there’s also a book with this title). It makes me laugh at how quick the mind is in making up stories: “Clouds in the sky today. Colder. Soon autumn is here. Vacation mood over. Lots of work ahead. Will I become buried in stress?”…

It’s easy to start worrying as our to-do-list is getting longer and responsabilities piling up.

A dear friend @carelyncgentray told me the other day that it takes 17-20 seconds for the mind to get drawn into storytelling mood. And how it loves to take you there. Make you believe all the old stories and create new ones on top of the old.

20 seconds to become aware of what’s going and release or choose a new thought or story. 20 seconds is a pretty long time if you are still and take a couple of longer breaths. Or if you, like my friend, start counting 20 backwards. Thank you @carelyncgentray ❤️

Some mornings ago when I wrote this post I meditated wrapped in a blanket. Clear, crisp autumn air caressed my skin. I run for the first time in over two months. I remembered how much I love autumn. The colors, routines, focus on what I love doing, talking over tea. With all the beautiful friends I’ve made this summer.

I’m so grateful to my mindfulness practice reminding me to be aware of my storytelling mind and stepping out of it, and living the inevitable change lightly. Friends who constantly remind me to be present.

As the meaning of Minfulness in the Pali language reminds me of, Sati = remembering to be present.

My dear co-journeyer in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, Liz Drance shared this post and summerized it beautifully:
”We have a 20 second window between stimulus and activation of the story telling mind response. Let’s train ourselves to use it wisely.”

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Marie Androv

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