Cooling drink

Cooling water melon and mint drink in this excruciating heat. As temperatures keep rising so does the internal heat. Organs, state of mind. We sweat more, dry out, get tired, may be become more irritable, more easily ignited into anger, feel burning sensation on the tongue, in the digestion system.

In any event, it’s important to drink a lot now. If you, like me, am feeling any of the above, you have to keep cooling the body and mind (tell more about it tomorrow) throughout the day. Seeking shade, using hat, taking baths/showers, cooling food like coconut water, coriander for example.

Here is a cooling drink which also works as fluid-replacement.

1/4 Water melon, two dates, loads of fresh mint, a pinch of salt to balance loss of sodium.

#coolingdrink #ayurveda #fluidreplacement #pitta


Published by

Marie Androv

Mindfulnesslärare under utbildning för Jack Kornfield och Tara Brach vid The Awareness Training Institute och UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. MediYoga terapeut och lärare med minfulnesskompetens vid MediYoga Institutet. Ayurvedisk hälso- och livsstilscoach utbildad i Sverige, Indien och USA. Fördjupning i medveten andning och andningstekniker, pranayama. Certifierad FaRledare-fysisk aktivitet på recept. Läs mer om min bakgrund och erfarenheter


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