True yoga

This is too good to not be shared. It’s such a beautiful reminder of the contemplative practice. May it bring awareness and awakening.

“You meditate in the morning, you meditate in the evening, and feel deep states of freedom. But until you understand why it doesn’t stay that way for the rest of the day, you are not getting it.

At some point it’s more important to understand what takes you out of that state than it is how to do your pranyama to get back into that state. You will never be able to stay in that state until you know what’s pulling you out of that state.  

The depth of true spirituality, true yoga is about watching yourself in the day-to-day life.
Why don’t you stay in that state? What pulls you out of that state?

Whatever happens inside of you, you have to watch that, see that. The change that happens inside of me is what keeps me from peace. It’s not what’s happening outside that is preventing me from feeling peace.

You work on yourself every single day, every single moment, no matter where you are and who you are with.”
– Michael Singer

Excerpt from Michael Singer Podcast episode “The commitment to stay conscious”

Michael Singer has written The Untethered Soul och The Surrender Experiment.

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Marie Androv

Mindfulnesslärare utbildad för Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach och mentor Christiane Wolf vid UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. MediYoga terapeut och lärare med minfulnesskompetens vid MediYoga Institutet. Ayurvedisk hälso- och livsstilscoach utbildad i Sverige, Indien och USA. Fördjupning i medveten andning och andningstekniker, pranayama. Certifierad FaRledare-fysisk aktivitet på recept. Läs mer om min bakgrund och erfarenheter


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